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Conference & Event Management

With the help of our highly dedicated and detail oriented team of professionals, we strive to make sure all our projects and clients are treated equally while catering to our their individual needs.

We have developed the perfect formula to manage and organize conferences from the idea to execution. We work closely with our clients to guarantee the success of the conference. This is done through careful and efficient planning and offer a range of services including but not limited to:

• Conference identity
• Agenda consulting
• Budgeting & financial planning
• Speaker facilitation
• Venue booking & management
• On-site branding & signage
• Logistics and accommodation management (Flights, transport and accommodation)
• Operational management (Staff, reception and help desks)
• Food and beverage
• Marketing & Design (Logo, concept, merchandise and brand identity)
• Web development
• Registration (Both online & On-site)
• Printing solutions (Brochures, catalogues, agenda, etc.)
• Audio Visual production
• IT solutions (Laptops, IPads, touch screens, monitors, etc.)
• Hospitality (Including meals, tours, and entertainment)
• Photo and Videography
• Press and PR Management

We have managed and, or consulted on concerts & festivals around the globe by working with industry leaders, providing

the highest quality within the industry.

We offer the following services for concerts & Festivals.

• Creating / adapting event brands & concepts
• Marketing & managing marketing teams.
• Security
• Food & beverage
• Logistics
• Artist management
• Sponsorship & budgeting
• Door management & ticketing
• Full event & staging production

Covering all aspects of Corporate events, whether it’s a launch, a dinner, or an award ceremony, the events are finalized in the highest quality.

Our services include creating concepts for corporate events, retreats, and team building exercises that ensure the event is memorable, unique, and within the client’s budget.

Our marketing specialists work closely with marketing departments, and brand managers to create a suitable marketing strategies, designs, advertisements and campaigns that will utilize the best available platform to showcase your product and or service.

Our creative team will use your brand guidelines as a directional tool to avoid conflict, and maintain the brand image throughout the entire process.

Through our extensive knowledge in the branding field, we will re-shape the designs to send across your message in the most flattering way possible, efficiently and professionally.

The creation, design and production of exhibitions will be unique to every client. We cater to our client’s individual preferences based on unique concepts and innovative design, giving the unique factor that will make the stand or exhibition stand out.

The best way to announce a product, is to launch it live to the directed audience.

“Seeing is believing”.

Our services vary based on the brand on Product itself. A series of steps are created that bring together multiple elements to bring this event to life.

Choosing the right time, location, and concept for the event is just as important as the product itself. Perception is key, and this is why we focus on all the elements to blend together to create the perfect launch.

We can meet & cater to your events F&B requirements through our suppliers, offering the highest quality and providing 5* catering requests at events of all kinds international chefs and bar specialists available on request.

International Artists & Talents can be booked directly through us for all types of events.